Hey - I'm Jamaal. A hopeless romantic/poet/serial musician turned Photographer & Filmmaker. I've spent 30+ years in the arts and spent the last 16 or so meeting and 
documenting couples experiencing the Love they've waited a lifetime for. 
My purpose, in all this, is you; telling your story of love. Serving, amongst other things, as a lifetime reminder, through it all - good and bad; this is what you prayed for


The Hopeless Poet

"love is
chasing every sunset for
stolen kisses

Our Truth

Connection is paramount - as it is in any relationships we hold. It's not only about finding someone to document the day, but also to find someone who you connect with - someone you can trust to maneuver, pivot and direct as needed. One of the other roles often overlooked is that you want to be able to trust that whomever you choose to document this incredible day, will also be a friend. Weddings days can be stressful, and the nature of our jobs means that we're always present, even when the nerves and the anxiety threaten to take you over. We love the romance but what we chase is the authentic - the moments that aren't staged, the moments that are genuinely you - and sometimes the moments you need someone to help you through. Those moments in between is what got you here, with the person who's just as ready to start this new life, as you are. 

We're here for all of it and we strive to experience it with you. We'll interject as needed, but we play the field, seeing everything without unnecessary disturbance. We're here for you - yes, but more importantly, we're here with you.